At the heart of every business is their relationships. We treat our NFT collection no differently. The Dope Dobes team is constantly striving to develop strong working relationships with our community, partners, and suppporters to continuously deliver new opportunities.

There are multiple ways in which we make our team available to new partners, as well as directly to our community. Join us in our twitter spaces daily where we talk anything Web3/NFTs and learn more about other great projects. If you have a specific questions, join our discord for direct access to the Dope Dobes team. Also, always feel free to email us at


Supporting Dogs & No-kill Shelters

Current partner: Doberman Underground

Donation amount per collection: 6.25% Initial Mint Revenue | 15% of Royalties

Dope Dobes promise to our holders is to constantly support no-kill dog shelters in an effort to save dogs around the USA.


In Dope Dobes twitter spaces, as well as spaces we participate in, you can win exclusive NFT giveaways from our collaborations with other projects.