Loyalty Rewards

As a community driven project, we believe in rewarding not just excellence, but loyalty as well! Some of the benefits of owning our 3D in-game assets are; Gaining access to the VIP ( Very Important Pup) area of our discord server, exclusive access to the Devs, and Access to IRL events! You can also gain rewards through Boarding (staking) via our foster protocol. We will be rolling out with multitudes of utility as the project progresses and we cannot wait to bring it to you all.


Foster Protocol

As avid web3.0 enthusiasts, we’ve noticed some issues in the space. One of the largest issues that we’ve noticed is FOMO. As I’m sure we're all aware, fear of missing out has driven a lot of people to buy into projects as well as take a loss getting themselves out of a project. We here at DDM have taken a unique approach in addressing this. In order to mitigate this issue we’ve developed code that will set a floor price for our community. At mint, the floor price will be .5 ETH. Each week after mint the floor price will lower by .05 ETH until the floor decreases to .15 ETH. That is where the floor will remain for the life of the project. If you attempt to list your dobe for sale underneath the floor, your dobe could quite possibly realize that he or she is being mistreated and run away from you, and into the wallet of a random loving foster (A staked community member) and will leave you a smelly present in the process. By doing this we hope to retain the value of your doberman, and to incentivize staking of your doberman. We are very happy to have figured out ways and means to strengthen our community and the value of our project!

Boarding (Staking)

Boardings is our version of staking where holders can lock their NFTs as a promise to not sell in return for loyalty rewards and in an effort to raise the value of the collection. The benefits include the opportunity to receive fostered Dobe(s) free of charge, raising the value of the collection, and earning reward points for future use in our website shop or for NFT accessories to add to your collection.


The watchdog was created as a further means to gamify our project. Being that we are ultimately going to be a metaverse game, we thought that we would give our community the ability to regulate the value of your in-game assets. The watchdog keeps a close eye on market transactions, and if alerted will warn your dobe to its mistreatment which will either trigger the foster protocol, or our buyback initiative.

NFT Scribe

Level up your Dobe by participating in twitter spaces, playing games in the Scribe Arcade, or simply by interacting with our posts. Read more

Reward Points

Earn reward points to spend in our website's shop on future merchandise, NFT accessories, and more. There are two ways to start earning: 1. Participate in twitter spaces to level up your Dobe through our partnership with NFT Scribe. 2. Interact with our website and help the rest of the community by Boarding your Dobe or alerting the Watchdog.