The Art

The Dope Dobes collection is a 3D procedurally generated NFT collection including a full-body character rig that can be used for metaverse applications.



Essentially, metadata is a composition of traits that are randomly assigned to a Dobe upon mint and make every Dobe unique. From a Dobe's fur, to its clothing, all the way down to the accessories, every Dobe has their own opportunity to be more desirable than the next. See a list of the available traits and how rare they are below:

NFT Accessories

Driving loyalty with our holders is one of our core values. As the collection progresses, NFT accessories options for your Dobe will become available and air dropped into your wallet. The drop date and frequency will remain a surprise for all holders.

Metaverse Applications

At the core of the Dope Dobes project development is the Metaverse. As a result, the art was designed from the start to be easily integratable into future Dope Dobes Metaverse developments and already existing ones.